Shared Futures: Speculation and the Dreaming Collective

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Course Description:

In this praxis-based course we will use the modes of design fiction, science fiction, horror, noir and humor to think critically about bodies, matter and technology. We will build worlds and generate possible shared near future scenarios, systems, experiences, provocations and extrapolations. We will use techniques of defamiliarization, uncertainty scenarios, ethnography, psychogeography and humor to stimulate conversations around both seductive and repulsive futures-and all that in between. You will be introduced to the composition languages of design fiction as well as film-making/video-making as a way of writing and putting forth research questions. You will participate in the creative process of visual composition through creating videos, films, and sketches that will form the basis for your own research questions. Equal agency is given to fact and fiction, (the latter often manifests hopes, desires, dreams and sometimes something closer to another kind of truth), as potential narrative devices. This trans-imaginary realm allows for an immersive investigation of self and place and how it may be performed, embodied, mythologized and re-imagined. Play is an important component in this course as is the flexibility and willingness to try out new platforms and engage in active learning, creativity and research.

A Student Work Sample:
In a world where mukbangs replace actual eating, how are family dynamics, and relationships with significant others affected? Can we truly find fulfillment and satisfaction? In many instances where the answer is no, a young millenial finds a way to somehow say yes. In Korean with English subtitles.

Mukbang from dchae2 on Vimeo.