Candy Ego is a forthcoming film and episodic series created by Hysterical Accuracy (Ash Eliza Smith and Kim-Anh Schreiber). Candy Ego was shot in San Diego, CA with a collaborative effort from local actors, musicians, artists and technicians.

Candy Ego is a sci-fi noir comedy set in Santek Beach, a seaside city known for its biotech hubs,military zones, and techno-shamanistic cults. The series follows two temporary researchers, Lu Kim and Gladys M., and an ensemble cast of characters as they navigate the paranoid
underpinnings of their sun-sparkled world. All is not quite as it seems, relationships are tested,
and perverse humor unravels the city’s No Bad Days motto.

Biotech conspiracies. Pizza loving cults. Teenage raves. In a not too distant future, two temporary researchers, Gladys and Lu, are on the case—and on the run. In this sci-fi comedy where sunshine meets noir, innovation is seductive and so is secrecy—just who is the researcher and who is the researched?