Fallen. Performance 2013. Collective Alchemy . Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics GSI Convergence. Performative Documentation Series.

3 Performers, Looper Pedal, Delay Pedal, 2 Microphones, A Camera and A Light

A band in all its pomp is on the ground. The audience is in a circle all around. One member is writhing and the other one hardly moves. A camera operator documents intrusively. The Rock musician is deconstructed. Bodies are Poked by the Camera in the Dark. The voice is disembodied reaching out and manipulated by someone else. Words twisted, Played with. the voice. Semiotics. Everything falls apart.
But then does it really?

"cultivated/created the "digital subconscious of the room"
"audience engagement in circle was key"
"camera as main antagonist, had a very violent relationship"
"the camera light guiding the eye, and a very interesting fade in light as the piece went on"
"Loved the stability of Remy's chorus in contrast with the freeform and emotional verse" copy_v2.jpg