POP TRAUMA (Version03SD: Elder Abuse) A musical performance.

After the neomodern structure fell on the side of our head we realized that we probably weren’t the stars of a science fiction anymore. They kept telling us to just go ahead and stare at the sun and that we wouldn’t have to eat again. We reached out for the lonely bush gardeners hand and he begged to know if we were “suffering from tropical trauma?” ”No sir, it’s strictly all pop here”, I replied. He recommended for us to abandon our bodies and do the lions pose with our faces, often. Yes it’s true, we are already looking younger, but nonetheless, something still hurt…

The dialectic of pop transparency vs. low information. The fetishized low information in your bedroom varietal vs. Pop transparency as occult. When did the occult associated with lo-fi switch to hi-fi as occult. Did Urban Outfitters co-option of lo-fi analog aesthetics move the hidden into the hyperreal over produced realm of the HD look? Whatever I am recording an album now. Broken links does not equal broken hearts. Its time to reset you DNA vamos....Bi bi biotech beach you can hitch a ride OPPOther Peoples Pain. Sorry Miss Sontag. POPTRAUMADear Mom and Dad i have a trauma from your Pop-like spankings Dear mom and dad your poppies made me traumed dear m &D pop pop goes the weasel Music, Sound, Vibration, Dance has always been the closest artistic expression to my core. It is a ritual to self-obliteration. It is communion. It is lonely. It is sacred. I could even say that many of my visual experiments have in some sense something to do with conjuring up the same feeling that one experience through listening to music. Perhaps all of the visual metaphors are just a translation to get closer to that affect of music.