Ash Eliza Smith

11½ Spells for our Future Selves is a series of strategies, investigations and performance gestures that explore ways of knowing. This project speculates on the future and operates at the intersection of technology and spirituality between human and non-human beings. Rituals call into question lines between, fact, fiction, digital, real, artificial, authentic and synthetic.
These samples were the result of an Elsewhere wide poll and then curated for 10 plates.
Elsewhere Ecosystem Bacteria & Fungi on Agar Plates was collected from:
1) Deep within the ribbon pile in the ribbon room
2) The New Indian book from Blue Monday area
3) #6 on door key pad (606 Elm Street)
4) Swing rope on Front Porch
5) Pond Water from backyard
6) Cleated Shoe in Transformatorium
7) Ghost Wall in Ghost Room - Do ghosts leave behind bio traces (Emily Asks)?
8) Very top Toy Doll of the Tornado
9) Former residents' rust painting
10) Artist's (Ash's) Body (Mouth and Armpit)

Medium Format Digital Photographs were then created from the 10 Agar Plates as well as the 3D Printed Objects. These Prints are available for blowing up to billboard size, making the micro...macro and viewing an ecosystem in a whole new way.