11½ Spells for our Future Selves is a series of strategies, investigations and performance gestures that speculate on the future and operates at the intersection of technology and nature—between human and non-human beings. It is a return to my own Southern gothic Appalachian roots of storytelling, dark humor and witchy methods. Part-strategy, part-embodied performance investigation, I use science and magick, the techno-spiritual, within interspecies environments. I incorporate, cannibalize, conjure: fact and fiction, seeking out visible and invisible networks and systems—human, non-human, digital, psychic, biochemical, synthetic, artificial, authentic. I embrace this in-betweenness as a place for possibility and deviance—what’s next, after what’s next?

Medium Format Digital Photographs created from 10 Agar Plates taken at Elsewhere Projects in Greensboro, NC. These prints can be printed billboard size, making the micro...macro and a possibility to view an intimate ecosystem in a whole new way.