Artist-Designer Fellowship at Birch Aquarium at Scripps Institution of Oceanography For the past year I have been involved in Artist and Design Research working side by side, scientists, researchers, data scientists, oceanographer to think about how to communicate understanding and protecting the planet. I created a video wall of 3 video screens, which is 11 foot wide and about 8-foot hight inside the aquarium to highlight videos and stories taken in the film. I have also been working with AR and VR development and forged a partnership with GoPro and worked with their Omni 360 camera. Sometimes we need to study or work with systems, tools, and design in order to experiment, destabilize, hack and/or queer. I am trained in critical design, speculative design, design fiction, design thinking as well as disruptive design. An example of this disruption in action is during my time as a design research fellow at Birch Aquarium I argued for a de-centering of the human, in order to better communicate the effects of climate change. I asked, can we think beyond human-centered design and perhaps think about ideas such as plankton-centered design or dolphin-centered design? I worked on answering these questions side-by-side scientists in the Extrasensory Lab with Jules Jaffe. Here we also developed many applications in VR/AR and media design. I was also able to procure an Omni360 camera from a partnership that I created with GoPro. We began doing multiple experiments with the camera that challenged notions of understanding and protecting the planet.

Video Triptych wall that I designed and installed. Features videos and art from expeditions and more.
Excerpts from 360 footage from Scripps science expedition in Antarctica. Use your mouse
to scroll around in 360.

3D scans of a kelp tank developed for AR and VR applications.