Film Vignettes- Future Worlds
5½ ) Ohmda and the Touch
6½ ) Electra and the Ouija Drones
7½ ) Mx. 1618 and the Biochemera
8½ ) Meme, Gracie and the Doppel-downer
9½ ) Live Immersive Theater Performance

Materials: 4K Digital Video & Recorded and Found Sounds from Elsewhere, xerox copies, books, records, electric organ, toy sensor drones, agar plates, dowsing rod, Writer-Performers: Ohmda: Yansa Crosby Electra: Orchid, Mx. 1618: Ava Zelkowitz Meme & Gracie: Jordan Clifton & Gracie the dog

The 3D printed speculative design objects doubled as props in several film vignettes. Additionally, former artists projects and collection items were re-imagined for future worldbuilding potential. These films and performances sprung out of the collaborative writing workshop and evolved into a series of short film vignettes, audio pieces with an embodied live immersive performance for First Friday Audiences.