Burning Up with Myself at Frequency 528 Hertz

In LA Jolla, CA in 1977 artist Mary Beth Edelson performed "Woman Rising, Your 5,000 Years are Up!, Memorials to 9,000,000 Women Burned as Witches in the Christian Era".

As a response to Archive Fever's call, 34 years later at the same site, I attempted to see what would occur if members of the community were invited one-by-one to chant lyrics from Madonna's "Burning Up" with a choir of digital simulations at Frequency 528 Hertz—the miraculous repair frequency for damaged DNA, also known as the "love" frequency.

Visitors to the exhibit were also invited to sit in and chant with the interactive installation and benefit from the healing hertz. the question here is really can one receive the same kind of benefits from chanting with digital simulations as one can with IRL people.

Additional Performances by:
Kate Monahan and Megan Rojas